Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Getting Back On Track...

On our trip back through the mountains of Tennessee, we stopped to watch the white water rafters take off on the Ocoee River, the site of the 1996 Olympic river games. It's a great run of white water and since it was the weekend, it was of course packed.

There were all types of people there. Families... school groups... sexy outdoorsmen... :-) After watching for a while, we got back in the car to finish out trek.

Only problem, for me at least, was that the car had filled up with some very sexy characters and exciting stories. A group of brothers in particular. And it seems that they are ganging up against the hero who's not-so-patiently waiting for his suspense story to get written.

They're claim is that their stories will be so exciting that they'll get written fast, so he won't have to wait long.

He's not buying it, so I'm letting them duke it out for who's next.

In the mean time, I thought I'd share a picture of my inspiration for the brother whose story will go first. Whether it's before or after the suspense remains to be seen.

At least their arguing is getting me back in the writing frame of mind. So today I will tackle my revisions again. I think I'll up my goal to 2 chapters a day. Maybe...

How's you're writing going?



Sue aka MsCreativity said...

OMG April, that is one hot pic!

TWO chapters a day?! [VBG]That must be every writer's dream. If (oops I mean when) I resume writing I'll be happy if I write one chapter a week!

April said...

Revising two chapters, MsCreativity, not writing. I'm lucky to write two pages a day :-).

Glad you liked the pic!

Emma Sinclair said...


I really just want a story from the POV of those pants. Is that wrong?

Stacy Dawn said...

Niiiiiice picture. Dueling brothers...mmmmm, many possibilities :)

Julie S said...

Wow, that pic definitely gets the imagination going! Good luck on your revisions. I've been procrastinating lately.

Shelli Stevens said...

Oh yum. *Tugs on his pants* Come on down, boy! I like it, I love it. I want some more of it :) Rrreeeow!

Your white water trip sounds so fun!! I'm jealous.

Karen Erickson said...

Down, Shelli, down girl. :)

Wow! That is some pic! I like Emma's comment - about wanting the story in the POV of his pants. Sheesh! Sexy!

Thanks for sharing. ;)

April said...

The brothers are glad to hear you all are in support of their plight. :-)

LOL, Shelli. Believe it or not, I actually found a more... exposing picture of him along with this one. And yes, he IS a legitimate model. But I think the other picture might be beyond Bloggers limits of acceptability. Not to mention hubby would kill me :-)

Sarah L. Castleberry said...

I am becoming a fan of the low pants...sheesh, nice pic!

Anonymous said...

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