Monday, June 26, 2006

Who Wants To Be My Relative?...

Thanks for all the well wishes for my grandmother! I'm happy to report she's home now and recovering. She had a scare with some chest pains this morning, but refused to allow the EMTs to take her to the hospital. I don't know if she's just so scared that any pain makes her jump or if it's something to really be concerned about. So, we're all keeping a close eye on the situation.

When I got home last night, my father-in-law had just been admitted into the hospital here. He had stroke like symptoms and he has had a stroke and a heart attack before, so that was the first concern. But we just heard that he is apparently suffering withdrawal from where they changed his diabetes medicine two weeks ago. Who knew... So now he's resting comfortably too and hopefully will be able to come home by tomorrow.

In the meantime, Hubby's grandfather in VA has been rushed into emergency surgery. He had two disks removed from his neck around father's day. And an infection has settled in where they did the surgery. So now he's back in surgery.

Did I mention my hubby's great aunt died last Thursday.

I'm afraid family members are going to start excommunicating themselves from the family to save themselves!

But we're all doing okay and holding down the fort. At least for right now, it looks as though everyone is going to pull through their illnesses.

So, here's my question for today: Who's brave enough to want to be my relative?



Nicole Reising said...


I hope they all start getting better!


Stacy Dawn said...

I don't know, I think I'd need a better family medical history before I decided LOL

Sure do hope they all get better soon!

Julie S said...

Yikes! Aren't these things supposed to happen three's?

I hope everyone feels better soon!

Shelli Stevens said...

Ack! That's a little scary. I hope they start doing better! Glad to see your back in town :)

Karen Erickson said...

My goodness, when it rains it pours, huh?

I hope everyone has a speedy recovery! :)

Sarah L. Castleberry said...

Sorry April! Hope everyone does well. My grandmother had a bout with chest pain week before last and went in for an angioplasty. Maybe there's something in the air.