Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogger Bogs...

The last couple of days I have had a really hard time accessing blogger. Which sucked even more than usual because I haven't been a really active blogger and I really wanted to blog FINALLY and couldn't.

But now I can and I have no clue what to say... So maybe you should take this as a warning that this will probably be a VERY boring blog post.

I have gotten 4500 words done recently. Which surprised me, because I thought I hadn't gotten much of anything done. And by some measures, that still isn't a ton, but for me it's A LOT!

This time of year is supposed to mean my day-work is slow. But it hasn't been cooperating. And I shouldn't complain because the money is a welcome addition. But I was so hoping to have more time to write.

So I guess I'll do some juggling and see what happens. In the mean time, my cp is flying on her wip and I'm the one benefiting because I have some excellent reading. So I'm off to read...

How about you? Too many things getting in the way of your writing or are you cruising along?



Nicole Reising said...

Yay!!!! Way to go April! I'm so excited for you and as you already know I love your characters... so I can't wait to see what's a happening!


Shelli Stevens said...

Love your WIP meter! I may have to get one too!

You sound like you're doing terrific! Keep it up! I haven't been doing much, just reading a lot and getting ready for NaNo!

Blogger sucked donkies over the weekend. :(

Karen Erickson said...

Blogger was a big ol' bi@*h this weekend. :(

You're awesome - good for you! Yeah, I love your word counter too. I've been on a roll, writing like a fiend. Wanting to get something done before Nano starts but not sure if I'm going to do it.


Caroline said...

Yeah! So glad that I popped by again. I love you meter - I want one! It would spur me on.
Keep going,

Michelle said...

Way to go on the pages! I'm revising right now so I don't think it quite counts the same. :)

Julie S said...

WTG on the progress! That's awesome, especially when you're busy at work.

Yeah, blogger sucked all weekend...

I definitely feel like too many things are in my way lately, but sometimes that's a good thing; when I have less time, I tend to use it more wisely.