Monday, October 09, 2006


My hubby had to use my computer the other day and I was sitting by watching tv while he did. I noticed he had stopped typing and I looked over and saw he was searching my keyboard.

I asked, "What ya looking for?"

"The E," he responded.

I leaned over and noticed that the little letter on my E key had worn nearly completely off. "It's the only missing letter."

"There are a couple getting close," he responded as he went back to work.

I looked over again and noticed he was right. Then the next day at work, I noticed that the E key on that keyboard is nearly gone too.

I guess I use E's a lot. But you would think those little letters would hold up better. Apparently I use S and N a lot too, because those look like the next to go. Which is ok, because I type from feel most of the time anyway. But still... It was really funny to see him searching my keyboard. His Mac isn't THAT different. I guess he just doesn't type as much when he's doing his graphic designing :-)

What letters are the most worn off on your keyboard?



Anonymous said...

My M and N keys are completely gone, R's close and so's E. The others are still pretty readable :)

Julie S said...

LOL! I still have all my letters. I wonder if that means I'm not writing as much as I should be?

mary beth said...

So strange. I just had my keyboard replaced. It was under warranty still, so it didn't cost. The e,s,n,a and o were worn off. It's an iBook. Love the new keyboard, but it was kind of an honor to see those missing letters. :-)

Emma Sinclair said...

I have all of my letters on this one, but I was missing a lot ont he old computer. And then I lost my N completely at one point and had to get a replacement N.

I find that keeping my fingernails short goes a long way in keeping the letters longer.

Of course, maybe you just need to convince hubby you need a new computer.

DJ said...

It's hard to say. Too many coffee stains covering them up.

Tori Lennox said...

There's a reason R, S, T, L, N, and E are the most frequently chosen letters on Wheel of Fortune. :)

Nicole Reising said...

Oh that's too funny! None are worn off on mine - I looked too while reading your post! the n is a little 'scratched' but that isn't because its been worn off but that Carter got to it! :) Not sure if that's a good thing to admit to or not --- not typing enough????

Stacy Dawn said...

That's hilarious. My husband is a looker typer too. I took typing in highschool so I don't even look at the keyboard half the much so that as I'm reading your post I'm checking mine LOL. To be honest the most I can see is a big wear space on my space bar on the left side and not even touched on the right side. I don't know if that means anything but it sure explains the dent on my left thumb LOL.

Karen Erickson said...

The A, the S and the D are pretty much gone. And the E is almost gone too.

I did this on my work computer too. I even grooved out the keys - little crescents where my nails rested I guess.

I'm a typing fool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi April,
As a computer scientist, I type all the time, but for different reasons than a writer (and I expect with a marked difference in letters typed [computer programs have a specific structure]).
I've worn off c, n, m, and l pretty significantly and am working on a, s, d, e, and i. Some of the others though barely look touched!

- Billy T.

Lyn Cash said...

ROFLMAO - hadn't noticed till you posted this, but all of mine are worn off except the ones I use the pinky fingers to hit! Too funny.

Shelli Stevens said...

I go through computers too fast for the letters to ware off. I drop my laptops and they break, and i buy new ones... lol. Okay, that only happened once.

Suzanne said...

I got a new laptop recently. On my other laptop, they were almost ALL worn off!