Sunday, October 15, 2006

Surprise Makeover...

This weekend I knew I would be busy. Hubby had warned me that he wanted to clean on Saturday. But he didn't get around to starting until late and ended up just cleaning out all of our kitchen cabinets. Forget all of the vacuuming, dusting, and moping that needed to get done!

Friday night I did some necessary shopping. And I picked up some new towel bars for our master bath. So I decided to install of them on Saturday. There were three towel holders and the toilet paper holder. Not a really BIG project, but a little work.

Then last night we decided to go to Lowe's and look for new light fixtures for our bathroom. It's been in SERIOUS need of new fixtures for a while. This was the hundredth time we looked at bathroom light fixtures. We have textured walls, but the light over the mirror is one of those bars with the bulbs sticking out like movie makeup tables. We had hoped to find a light that would fit the space, so we wouldn't have to patch the texture on the walls, but we gave in and decided we would just get the light we wanted and patch the wall, because we couldn't find anything that had a 3ft wide base.

So we brought them home and then today after we got through with church and family, I installed the ceiling light in the middle of the bath and began work on installing the one over the sink.

Only I discovered there's no junction box. Just a whole in the sheet rock with wires sticking out. Which means I didn't have anything other than sheet rock to anchor my light to. And it's HEAVY. Which means I would get it hung and it would just fall out of the wall. Which would NOT be good.

So now, we have a big gaping spot above the mirror in our bathroom and their are wires sticking out (not live). And it'll stay like this until I get to Lowe's to get the supplies I need to put a junction box in and the patch stuff. Argh!

But just with the changes we made, the bathroom looks totally different and I'm happy about that! Even if I hadn't planned to do any of that this weekend. It seems most of our home renovation plans work out like that. We just decide to go to the home improvement store and do it. That's with smaller projects usually, at least.

What about you? Do you have to plan way ahead for home improvement projects, or do they catch you at the spur of the moment?



Julie S said...

Oh no! What a nightmare! At least you are moving in the right direction though!

My husband and I went on a home improvement binge when we bought our house two years ago. The house was already in good shape, but we did stuff for fun. We burnt ourselves out in the process.

Karen Erickson said...

Sorry about the big gaping hole in your bathroom but I'm sure you'll get it fixed soon. I know exactly what kind of lights you're talking about. Had them in my bathroom growing up. So 80s...

We moved into our place 5 years ago brand new and we added a bunch of stuff. Yeah, it would be mostly spontaneous cos we'd be at Lowes shopping and then come home with paint or something like that. :)

Emma Sinclair said...

I'm lucky I rent because I'd be doing home improvement ALL the time if I didn't.

Especially with my new obsession of HGTV. Can't get enough of home improvement shows, lol!

Shelli Stevens said...

Wow you're really good with those repair and housing fixer upper things. Sheeze, I can barely change a light bulb!

Caroline said...

I am so useless at DIY. And we have a number of jobs that need doing. I think that I am frightened to start, for fear of all those hidden things that seem to emerge. I should have married a builder. Bit late to realise that though! :)

Stacy Dawn said...

We have lots of plans...have had lots of plans for oh about five years now LOL.