Monday, January 16, 2006

Never End on a Finished Thought...

That was the recommendation of Tamar Myers at a workshop she gave this past November to my rwa chapter.

She suggested that when you're wrapping up writing for an evening, you should end in the middle of a thought. She said that if you complete your thought, then it's harder to get started when you come back because you have to start from somewhere where you weren't sure what comes next. She suggested making a few notes about what is next and then stopping.

With my recent ms, I have been using her recommendation. And I have to admit that it has been a much smoother transition back into writing where I left off the day before and my ideas and scenes seem to be flowing together better. I never stop writing at the end of a scene. I begin the next and get at least a little part into it. Enough so that I know where I'm going with it before I stop.

The only time I've had a problem is when I've reverted to old behavior and stopped at the end of something... A scene, or whatever. I stop in the middle, make a few notes about what is coming and shut down. The next day (or day after that) I open it up and I already have an idea of what I'm writing to begin with and by the time it's time to come up with "fresh" material, I'm in my groove!

Now I'm off to get into my groove... Hope you all are able to do the same. And if not, maybe this will help:



Emma Sinclair said...

That's a great ides!! I'll have to try that. Although I may have to stop in the middle of a sentence the way my writing has been going lately.

MaryF said...

I've tried it. My mind is such a sieve, I have to finish. I'll never remember, no matter what notes I write.

Nicole Reising said...

Hi April! Great picture! Both the new one of you and your hubby and the hunk! Cole

April said...

LOL, Emma!

I've discovered I usually make some pretty detailed notes before shutting down. But I totally get the sieve issue, Maryf :-)

Thanks, Cole!