Thursday, January 05, 2006

Reverse Progress...

Yes, I know those two words seem to go against each other, but that's what I've been making... Reverse progress.

After two or so weeks of not working on my wip, I finally returned to it last night and dutifully wiped out 1750 words. Yeah, I know that doesn't sound like progress at all. But it was what was right.

I realize in retrospect that part of what had kept me away from the wip is that I was unhappy with the scene I was working on. When I went back to reread and get a feel for where I left off, my thought was, what in the world am I doing? I have my characters stuck out in the middle of no where and I'm wasting this grand opportunity on this crap? So, I erased the waste and rewrote it in a way that better uses the situation and better fits the characters and the plot. And even though it has set me back 1750 words, I'm happier, because it's better.

In my eternal happiness, I thought I'd share another spot of fun. I thought it was sort of fitting given the subject of this post.
Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Eagle

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Whale

You are active, a challenger, and optimistic.
Hard-working, you are always working towards a set goal.

PS I refuse to change my word count on the side bar. I just can't. So, I promise to make up the rest of the 1750 words tomorrow. Really, I will!

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