Monday, January 09, 2006

What Else Can I Do to Procrastinate?

I know! I can post a blog post!

I need to be writing. I want to be writing. But I'm stuck. I'm at the chapter 3/4 hump and it always seems that one gets me. What I need to do is push through it. So, I'm calling myself out. Here's what I've come up with to procrastinate writing in the last twenty-four hours:

1. Worked on my website
2. Went to bed much earlier than usual for me
3. Done "day-work"
4. Made returns to Wal-mart and Lowe's (I stood in line at Wally World's customer service for nearly an hour)
5. Purchased a light fixture for over our sink.
6. Removed the old and installed the new light fixture over the sink
7. Then I took a break and ended up watching The Spy Who Loved Me. Which wasn't such a waste because watching Roger Moore can be very inspirational.
8. Cooked dinner (when I knew my hubby wasn't eating dinner at home)
9. Shopped for and purchased fabric for drapes for our bedroom (Lord only knows when I'll get around to sewing them)
10. Re-organized our linen closet.
11. The ultimate brain-drain: watched tv.

So now I'm going to do some actual work. Tomorrow I think I may take down the fluorescent light in the main part of our kitchen. I saw a really great fixture at the store that would look perfect. That'll give me at least another hour of procrastinating.:>) Am I the only one who does this?


PS I'm just 500 words away from where I was before I took a machete to the ms. So, at least I've gotten something done.


Emma Sinclair said...

Well, I don't want to be accused of aiding your procrastination, BUT on AMC this week is 24/007 - a whole week of Bond movies 24 hours a day.

Oh yeah.

Nicole Reising said...

Hi April! Talk about procrastination!!!! I'm right there with you. I didn't get much done during Carter's nap as one thing after another came up and suddenly he was up. Then for the rest of the day I kept thinking that as soon as the kids were all in bed I'd pop down there and let my fingers do a bit of flying... apparently my husband thought it was a good time to 'play' on the computer as well. Urgggg!!! I forgive him but by the time he was done playing it was ten to ten! So what did I do? Played. Smoothed out a few more things on my blog and web and looked up a couple of your fav blogs and so forth. Was really interesting and maybe in the long run productive. I'll figure out how later.

Today I've only done marginally better. And that's being generous. I don't have everything on the blog and ms done and that seems a whole lot more enticing then working on a chapter that I've been 'fixing' forever it seems. The one good thing about it all though is that instead of rushing through it and just leaving things as they were which I was beginning to get inclined to do -- I think that I've finally hit upon the 'thing' wrong with this particular chapter that has been keeping me stalled. Yeah!!!

It must be the break I've been needing, as now I'm in that mode where I want to slip off to try and get a few more words in, even though Carter is up. This is dangerous as one never knows what I'll find him exploring!

Well, I had better get going. Hope that you have a great day and have fun changing some more lights out! Cole

April said...

24/007? I'm on it Emma! We'll just call it research. Yup, that's what it is!

Congratulations on your break through, Cole! Matt's been hogging my computer lately too... Which is funny only because he's a Mac snob and he's got a very expensive Mac in his office upstairs. But he'd rather play on my laptop, even though it's a pc. :-)