Saturday, January 21, 2006

Took A Break...

I took a small break this week, because apparently it's been a full moon... around my house at least.

This has definitely been a week of some firsts. The least of which was being asked by someone to break a federal law. I had to laugh (insert evil laugh here). This dope asked someone whose worst offense is speeding (but never in a school zone) if they would break a federal law for them. After the bout of laughing, I smiled and said, "Not on your life."

To be honest, I was a little shocked that he came out and asked me out right. It would have entailed me telling very big and blatant lies for them on a loan verification form. I love helping people, but I can't risk ruining my own life to help someone and it wasn't even for a justifiable cause! I've had people ask me to do wrong stuff in a round about way before. But never have I had someone do it straight out and in front of an office full of witnesses nonetheless.

Am I just naive? Should I not be surprised by the fact that he was so forthright in his quest to get me to break the law? Should I expect people to ask me to do illegal stuff? I hate to think that!


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