Friday, January 13, 2006

No, It's Just Me...

Yesterday morning, I found myself stuck at home with the power off, while my hot water heater got replaced. Since the power was off and I couldn't use any water, I decided I would take the time to work out some of the plot issues I'm having.

While working out these issues, I found myself speaking for my characters, trying to get in their heads, trying to understand what they're feeling right then. I never imagined while I was away in my world of fiction that the plumbers down in the basement could hear me.

Oh yeah, next thing I know, when they come up to say they are done, they're looking around really funny like. I ask, "Is anything wrong?" And he says, "Is someone else here?" Those of you who are safety conscious are about to scream, and I know what a faux pas it is to say you're home alone, but at least I am familiar with the work crew (we use them for the properties we manage) so don't punish me too much. But I realized why he was asking and I felt my cheeks heat and I said, "Uh... No..." And then it struck me that I couldn't say I had the tv on since they had all of the power off!

He just raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh... Okay then, well, we're all through give it thirty minutes and you should have hot water!" I thought about explaining that I was plotting and then I thought, that'll just open a whole 'nother bag of beans that I don't feel like getting into with the plumber... So instead I just said a polite "thank you" and let him be on his way. He did sort of leave in a rush... Probably off to tell the rest of his crew about the kook!

Am I the only one who's had this experience? For that matter, am I the only one who talks to herself when plotting sometimes?



MaryF said...

That's hilarious, April! LOL about not being able to say it was the TV!!

Emma Sinclair said...

Too funny.

I'm impressed that you remembered you couldn't blame the TV. That's something I probably would've forgotten and then they'd think I was even crazier.

April said...

Thank, Emma. I'm glad I impressed someone ;-)

And I guess at least it proved to be an entertaining story!

Nicole Reising said...

April! As always you have me just laughing! Or is it cringing. Maybe a little of both. Reminds me of watching a comedy and you know what's coming , it's hilarous, you don't want to watch, but you do anyhow.

April said...

LOL, Cole! Laughing and cringing... You sound like my hubby. He says when he watches me do something it's an inner battle of whether he should watch or avert his eyes for the same reason!