Sunday, January 22, 2006

Writing to Music...

Everyone has their own environmental requirements for writing. A friend recently told me how strange it was that I listen to music while writing.

I'm very picky about how and what I listen to though. I use itunes which has become a sort of addiction. I get a song in my head and click over and download it. Thank goodness for the gift cards I got for Christmas.

I don't listen to it really loudly. I put on my head phones and turn it to a volume where I can hear it, but it isn't overwhelming my thoughts. I also found that I often listen to particular songs while writing particular types of scenes. For instance, in Setting Her Sights the setting was tropical. So, I listened a lot to some 80's music with tropical influence and to calypso music. It really helped me to go to the setting.

The story of the song often also coincides with what's going on in the story line at that time. For instance, Joan Jett's As I Am when a female is feeling vulnerable or Rascall Flatt's I Melt during a love scene. I also like Sade and Chris Isaac.

My taste in music runs the gammit. I have cds by Louis Armstrong, Richard Marx, Sarah Mclachlan, Primus, Rascall Flatts, Vivaldi, Pavarotti, and U2. That's about as wide a range as I can do.

I have to confess that if all else is failing me, I listen to U2. They're always sure to suit my mood. It probably has something to do with the whole 80's child thing, I'm sure.

The strange thing is, that as long as I have my notebook pc and my ear phones, I can write just about anywhere. Sometimes if I'm on the couch and my hubby is watching the tv, I have to put my ear muffs on... They're these large orange things that construction workers use to protect their hearing. They fit right over my earphones and ears and block out all of his yelling at the athletes on the tv.

What do you need to write (or concentrate on a project)? Anything special?



Kayla said...

I don't have to have anything in order to write, but I love writing in the midst of noise. A classroom, a resturant, while listening to music, etc. As long as the general noise isn't punctuated by random, loud outbursts, it's the perfect setting. :)

Michelle said...

I do listen to music also. Mostly movie soundtracks so I'm not tempted to sing along. I can't do words and writing. Braveheart, Gladiator, and Last of the Mohicans are favorites. :)

Nicole Reising said...

Hey April! I also love to listen to music as I write and found myself hoping as I read your post that the 'type' reflected your moods or the character's moods rather as well. I was excited to read that you did. (Okay, I know that sounds weird but I think you get what I mean.)

In fact that is part of the reason I have so many books going; depending on my mood, I choose the music and the story to work on. Its lots of fun.

April said...

Last of the Mohicans... That's good! I have to keep it down low enough that I'm not enticed to sing along! And the ear muffs go a long way towards shutting out penetrating noises!

I definately find that each story has it's own set of music that I keep going back to. Hmmm... Sort of like a soundtrack...