Sunday, March 19, 2006

And Now I Rest...

I'm exhausted. Really. It's been a long, but nice weekend. I am feeling a little guilty right now, because I should have my behind planted in a church pew. But my eyes are red and swollen and I keep sniffling. I wouldn't want to scare any other parishoners. I guess that's what I get for being outside for over twelve hours during peak pollen season.

Even worse, I can't take my favorite medicine anymore because it got a black box warning. Which means I can't take it unless I'm dying... because taking it could kill me. You'd think they'd figure that out before I had been taking it for over a year. So now I'm stuck relying on the old standby meds which only half-work. Argh!

But at least my day went well. In fact I had such a good time at the festival, no drunk people did stupid stuff to bother me (which usually happens at festivals). My friend who recently had serious surgery even made it out in her flashy wheel chair. I told her I wanted to do thumb war for her seat :-).

I hope your weekend went just as well. Who knows maybe I'll even get some writing done tonight. Stranger things have happened!



Stacy Dawn said...

Oh yeah, allergies suck. I have about a month before it will strike it's evil green head here too. Outside ones are the worst because that's were we want to be. Guess I better get a refill on my meds too.

Nicole Reising said...

I feel for you April - I've struggled with medicines and have come to the conclusion, I make my own rules on them. They either knock me out(work though), flat out don't work(though they swear they will)or by the time I'm finally coming off of zombie land and can function, they wear off and I'm not supposed to take any more for a couple more hours. So now... I make my own rules on how much, and when. Don't tell my doc that though! :-)

I hope you feel better soon!


April said...

My allergies are better today. I don't know if the meds worked or if it was because the weather was so... not springy. But I'm not complaining!

Maybe if I keep popping the muscinex and claritan, I can skip out on the asthma stuff!

MaryF said...

I hate when medicine that's working for me is no longer available. So WHAT if it could kill me? At least I wasn't hurting ;)


April said...

I had that same thought, Mary. My hubby didn't quite agree. I think it was the use of "sudden death" in the warning. But I'll admit I still considered using it. Ahh... To breath during the spring! What a gift that would be!