Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not My Best Day...

So, I took Buckley to the vet. With the assumption that everything would be just fine. Maybe he'd pinched himself somehow or maybe a bee sting (although there was no swelling or pain). And what I found wasn't exactly what I would have liked to hear. Although it could be much worse.

The vet believes poor Buckley got bit by a tick. Yeah, those vile, blood sucking pests. However, the very strange coloration pattern leads the doctor to believe that the tick was most likely infected with Lyme Disease. Yeah, Lyme Disease. The problem with making the diagnosis is that it takes a while for a test to pick up the disease in the system. And by the time it does, it has gotten a strong hold on the victim.

So, the doctor went ahead and started Buckley on the course of antibiotics he would normally prescribe if a test came back positive. His hope is that since we caught it so fast, we can nip it before it has a chance to set in. So, Buckley gets a pill popped down his throat twice a day for now.

The doctor told me to watch for signs of lethargy, lack of appetite, etc... But you have to remember, Buckley is only about 1 and a half. So, he's still got a lot of puppy in him. Which means he bounces between bouts of extreme energy and sleep. He can be running and growling and playing one minute and out cold the next. All day, I found myself going, is he lethargic, or just his normal sleepy time?

My craziness aside, 90% of cases such as his, which are caught early and treated survive. That's a good statistic. Not the 100% I would like, but the odds are in our favor. Damn ticks.

I'm going to post a picture of the spot tomorrow so that you can see what it looked like and hopefully be able to spot it better if you see one on one of your pets. Apparently this happens a lot.

So, please keep little Buckley in your prayers!



Nicole Reising said...

Oh, April - I was so sure from your description that, that was what it was. But I didn't want to say so just in case I was wrong.

Growing up our dogs have had this and most of the time we didn't know until they'd had it for a very long time.

Our friends that I mentioned before, their dog had that same spot (very unique) and we all saw it and just like you they brought him in and he was treated right away. He's doing great.

In so many ways count yourself lucky that you saw the spot. It really is only visible for a couple of days... So two things - you've caught it early and he's being treated!!! I'm so relieved that its something that can be treated.

My thoughts are with you!


Emma Sinclair said...

Hope the doggie gets well soon!

April said...

Thanks, Cole & Emma. I really appreciate that!