Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yes, No, Maybe So...

I'm attempting to get some writing done tonight. Attempting being the operative word. My hero and heroine are arguing. Not in the story, but in my head.

He says they should sleep together now. She says it's too soon and she wants more trust built between them before it happens. He says that sleeping together will help build that trust. She says that's stupid, that sleeping with him wouldn't make her trust him at all. He says we'er over 1/3 of the way through the story and it's time to get it on, that way they have more time for doing it more later. She says she wants to wait until the tension is built to a snapping point, meaning quality over quantity.

Argh! Will I ever get any writing done?

What about you? Whose stand would you take?



Stacy Dawn said...

Even in our heads the H is such, well, a MAN! They only want one thing. Go with the h, she knows what she's talking about. You build that puppy up until he is just a begging for it. Make him wait, it's the best tension and that is what will get you published.

Go April!

Emma Sinclair said...

I say tease him.

Make him think he's going to get some, but at the last second, ooops, something came up.

Make him suffer!

Nicole Reising said...

I have to agree with Stacy on this one April. As you know in my one book Six months - its just the opposite - but not in the others. I like that build up most of the time! And of course there is a reason for it being different in Six Months but... :-) Depending on the book, which I've read a little bitty part of...my first impression is build it up! You follow your heart the most though.


Nicole Reising said...

Oh and I forgot - girl where do you get these delicious pictures!!!!? UmmmmUmmmUmmm.


Michelle said...

Go with her. Keep that tension going!

April said...

Thanks for all of the input, ladies!

LOL, Cole... The pictures are just a nice side benefit of all the procrastination surfing I do :-)