Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fast and Slow...

We all read and write for all sorts of reasons. Ok, that sounded stupid. We all read and write because hopefully we were taught to do so in grade school. What I mean is, we all read stories and write stories for various reasons. That still didn't come out perfect, but you get what I mean, don't you?

I've always done both in one fashion or another and to one degree or another. And given my recent discussion of how s. l. o. w. I'm writing, I thought it interesting that I have read 4 books in the past 3 days. When I realized this today, I thought... What the heck have I been doing? Sitting on my butt all day? And I realize, no I haven't. I've worked, dealt with a sick doggie, cuddled with my hubby, dealt with my hubby getting robbed by his dentist... All sorts of things. I'm not really sure how I fit those 4 books in, but I did.

Then I thought, why the heck can't I write that fast? And well, I'm hoping I'll get faster. I mean, let's face it, I didn't start out reading 4 single title books in 3 days. Well, not unless I was home sick. I hadn't noticed I was reading so much until I kept having to put pics over in the side bar since I accepted Emma's challenge to keep track of what I read.

Then I thought, why have I read so much. And the answer slapped me in the head. Literally in the head. It was a thought after all. It's because I've been stressed. It's like a coping mechanism. And it's GREAT! It's such an escape from stress and reality and everything... I love it! I read for enjoyment too, I won't deny that. I don't have to be stressed to read a book. But I might read a lot faster when I am, I don't know.

So, my question to you all is this: How much do you read, and why?

April (who is now off to write like the wind too... I hope! And who in hind sight thinks she could have covered a much more interesting, subject given the title of this post. Argh!)


Emma Sinclair said...

I don't think I write as well when I'm not reading regularly.

But then I try to use reading as a reward for getting my writing finished.

But when I'm not reading...well, it's just a viscious circle.

But there's nothing better than the days I can curl up under a blanket and read - sometimes several books!

Kayla said...

I go through phases. How much I read (and write) depends on how busy I am. Lately reading has taken the backseat to writing and school, but I did manage to finish reading a book last night. :)

Nicole Reising said...


Thats my word for you. I tend to do 'everything' in cycles. That was quite the revelation to me when I finally figured that out I can tell you. :-) But the point is, my reading and writing seem to go in cycles just like everything else.

I got stuck on one area in my ms -- for weeks! I know now that I did make progress - just really slow compared to my 20 page a day routine before that. And I think I needed to go that slow to work out all the kinks in that chapter(which affected the whole book soo very much). Because now... it's awesome! Or I like it at least. :-) A whole lot better them before I began this re edit.

Anyhow, I'm back in a groove though that I much prefer - 5-6 pages a day of editing. (Big difference to me from that and just writing) I print off a chapter at a time. Then mark it up with red throughout the day and hopefully by the next time slot that I have open to write on the computer(when the kids are down)I have 2-3 pages all ready! Its been going awesome!

My reading is the same - though it has a lot with my being able to find the type of books I want. Our library is 'old' and 'small' and lately seems to have run out of the type I want. So I'm doing something new for me - I'm buying - not too sure my hubby likes it but... "shrug" oh well.

And I read in one way - if the book is any good - fast, all consuming and nothing else gets done until I'm done. :-) Its still a cycle though - I'll read 2-3 books all at once and then have to go 2-3 weeks without any. :-( But hey - its easier on the family that way too - they get to eat and wear clean laundry once in a while that way!

I suppose you didn't want a whole chapter on this but today - I'm in the long winded cycle - :-)

hehehe, bet you can't tell!