Monday, March 27, 2006

A Hubby Who Shares...

No news on the fire bug front. They do think the fire on Saturday was the same person, but there's been nothing since then. Wacko. On a good note, one of the people whose home burned had their cat found and returned. So now we're still on the watch for a missing Daschund, but at least kitty is back home with her momma... Well, with her momma at least.

As far as my peace of mind, there's a bright side. I'm sick... No that's not the bright side. However, I get to stay home because I'm contagious (there it is). So I don't worry about our house as much. Am I paranoid or what?

Hubby went to the doctor on Thurs and was told he had a virus. Over the weekend, he got worse and I got it. So we went together today. Ever had a joint doctor's appointment with someone else? It's weird. We felt like little kids. But it was nice not to sit in the exam room alone.

The nurse was questioning us on all our symptoms. And when my hubby said he got sick first she joked, "Oh, so you brought this home." We both smiled and said, "Yeah." She commented that she bet I was real happy about that. And I said, "Well, I've gotten him sick, so I guess it's only fair." Then, she turned around and said, "You might not say that when I tell you that you have Strepp." My hubby gawked and said, "We have Strepp?" And she said, "Nope, you've still just got your virus. Hers turned into Strepp."

Well, how do you like that? He feels bad, so I've been milking it... :-) The bright side is that I get to stay home. The wife of one of our office staff has Leukemia and so we try really hard not to take anything communicable to work. The doctor gave me Z-Max which is some one-time dosage of antibiotics and said that on Wednesday I should be safe to be around. So I have a free day at home tomorrow!

The only problem with that is I have a hard time writing when I feel crummy. Maybe I'll feel better enough to write. What about you? Do you have a hard time writing when you feel crummy? Or are you able to get loads done?



Michelle said...

I'm a big wuss when I don't feel good. Mostly I use it as an excuse to read a favorite book and relax. Hope you feel better soon!

Stacy Dawn said...


Nope. I'm miserable when I'm sick and lag out on the couch making my four year old get me what I need. So sad.

Hope you feel better soon!

Emma Sinclair said...

Feel better.

I say snuggle down in bed with your doggie and a good book!

Nicole Reising said...

I'm not usually any good at anything if I'm sick. Everything seems rotten.

I hope you start to feel better soon!