Friday, March 24, 2006

Wouldn't You Know It...

Finally I'm getting some writing done, my day-work is settling down and what happens? Hubby gets me sick. He came down with an icky virus and of course, I have it now. Which means I'm barking louder than Buckley. I swear, I think I may cough up an important organ!

But that sucks and there's no point dwelling on it. I think there's certainly more interesting things to discuss. Such as what you read. It was Emma I believe who issued a challenge at the beginning of the year, to keep up with everything you read this year. I think that's how it went. So, I have been. As you may have noticed, there's a series of images in my side bar. That's what I've been reading.

And I thought it funny to see Judith McNaught next to Susan Johnson. A little different there :-). But I've been working on my book-buying addiction, so I've been re-reading some of my old favorites and then borrowing from friends. Boy, I love friends who read. Of course, they love me too. And it helps me convince hubby that I need all my books. They're useful for bartering. Sure, you can borrow my Karen Marie Moning, if I can borrow your Vicki Lewis Thompson, and so forth.

So, I thought I'd ask. Have you been keeping up with your reading? Find any interesting combinations? Tried something new you didn't foresee liking?



Stacy Dawn said...

(((April))) Hope you feel better soon.

I'm doing the re-reading bit too but I have some books in my cart at eharl that I'm hoping to cash out next month--Woohoo!

April said...

Thanks, Stacy!

Congrats on the new reads next month! I think I need to pick up something new too...