Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, good news here... The fire bug has been captured. She lived just a few miles from me, in the heart of a large middle class neighborhood. And she was caught because someone saw her try to start a fire at a neighbor's house while she was walking her dog. Sick!

The sad part is that she's married with two teenage children. I'm sure that her family will feel some of the repercussions of her actions. That's always a sad thing. The police have charged her with over 20 counts of arson. Yikes! I'll let you all know if I hear any interesting details about WHY she did it.

The good news is that I feel safer leaving Buckley at home. Who, by the way seems to be doing well. He hasn't experienced any ill effects from the bite last month so hopefully the meds got everything! We gave him a hair cut this weekend because it's getting so warm here. He seems to be enjoying it, but he looks so little without all of his fluff!

I'm attempting to get some writing done. But I spent the last 3 hours trying to install our new printer driver. I had to install and uninstall it over and over. But it works now, so I'm ready to go!

What about you? Gotten any writing done?



Stacy Dawn said...

Great! It must be such a relief to the whole area to have her caught. I do feel for her family though too.

On the writing front, I'm about to start revisions (gag) but they need to be done.

Nicole Reising said...

I'm so glad they caught her - yet sad. Probably a lot to be said in that, that a doc could have a field day with but... the poor family. Yes, I know what about all the poor families houses she burned...? guess theres no easy answer.

I soooo feel for you on your printer. This past year has been mind boggling to me as to how much time things can take -- what is supposed to be a simple procedure - can turn into a long marathon - when it comes to computers. :-) Hope you have it really working this time!

I hope you have gotten more of your story done as I'm waiting here for an ending!!!! :-) I'm slowing getting some editing done. Not too much this week. There's a list ten feet long - no maybe 20 :-) of things to get done this week that are going to have to priority. "shrug" who knows maybe I'll get some good ideas for writing!

Have a great evening!

April said...

It is both a huge relief and sad at the same time. But at least we don't have to worry more than normal about leaving our home!

Hugs on the revisions, Stacy. Ack!

Cole, the printer and I have had a few serious talks. We still haven't come to an understanding, but I think we're getting closer! I'm working on the story, I promise!