Sunday, April 16, 2006


I took the weekend off from writing. It wasn't intentional, it just ended up that way.

I spent Friday at our local zoo with my sister, my seven year-old nephew, and his seven year-old friend. Apparently, since it was the last day of public school spring break, here, it was the busiest day of the year. Wish someone had warned us. We spent the day in a swarm of munchkins and 95 degree heat. But we had fun and we played and got to see neat animals, so I'm not complaining.

Then Saturday I did some of my "day work". Then I took the evening off and had dinner with some of my girlfriends. It's been a long time since we did that. Everyone's gotten married or involved with a boyfriend and we've all been busy. It was a nice evening. It ended early so everyone could get to bed early. Some got up for sunrise service.

We didn't go to sunrise service. But we did make it to noon service. You have to love a church with a noon time service! We spent the rest of the day with my family and hubby's family (they live a block apart... Guess how we met:-)). It was really nice. Now I'm full and still unable to resist the thought of eating another piece of Easter chocolate. Mmmmm... Chocolate...

How was your Easter?



Stacy Dawn said...

What is that about? Do they put some addictive thing in chocolate so that no matter how stuffed and sick you just gotta have another piece LOL!

Sounds like a great Easter!

Emma Sinclair said...

I went to the zoo this weekend, too!

Although my addiction is to jelly beans. You can keep the chocolate, but I loves me the jelly beans. Hmmm, now I wonder where DH hid to easter basket?

Michelle said...

I had a great Easter. We decorated eggs, hid the plastic kind, and ate ourselves silly. Nice. :)

April said...

I definately think there's something addictive in chocolate!

I really love the zoo. Although I didn't get a picture of a tiger quite like you did, Emma. Nice job!

Eating myself silly seems to me a holiday tradition... What diet? what are you talking about? ;-)