Monday, April 17, 2006

Head Banging...

I got 500 words written tonight. Not a lot by most measures, but it's a bunch for me right this second and it's a little scary, because I'm not sure I have an idea of what I wrote. Guess that means lots of editing tomorrow.

Today has been a very trying day. And it has led me to ask a very BIG question. Why do some people refuse to be professionals? When I think of a "professional" in general, I think of the following characteristics:

1. Responsible
2. Capable
3. Congenial

It's always a surprise to me that some people can't manage to be responsive. When you're working on a project or deal with someone and you're called and asked a question, call back and answer it for goodness sake. When you don't, you imply the following:

1. You don't care
2. You aren't doing what you SHOULD do and therefore don't know the answer
3. You're lazy and lack responsibility and respect for others
4. You're a complete jerk

Ok, that last one was personal, but it's how I feel. Obviously I've been dealing with a very unresponsive person today and it has made me feel like banging my head against the wall. The person in question refuses to return a single phone call to me. I tricked him this evening by calling him from my home phone (he didn't know the number). And surprise, surprise, he answered. Of course, he had to call me back... In just two minutes, he said. Yeah, that was four and a half hours ago. I have left him six messages today. And what's worse, he could take care of the issue in less than five minutes by simply faxing a simple form to another company. But instead he avoids me. Like the plague.

So, tonight I went over his head. I emailed the people in charge and asked if they could assist me with the matter since he has not been able to.

I'm not taking it personal. Another person in our office is having a similar problem with him. They went and sat at his office, waiting for him to come in so they could catch him. He tried to run by, but they caught him. Of course he said he'd call them within an hour with an answer. Did he? Hahahahahahaha, no.

If you can't guess it by now, he won't be getting our business anymore. If we weren't so close to finishing this deal, I'd get someone else to help. But we are and this will be the last one he gets.

This started me thinking though, this situation applies to all professions. If I were an editor and he was a writer, would I bother to publish his book if he couldn't get back to me? No.

Have you had to deal with someone who is totally non-responsive and wondered wtf?

And just to help me relax, here's this:



Nicole Reising said...

Hi April! I already told you what I thought of your 'guy' but more importantly... I love your picture! what's new!?? I love Matthew's smile. Catches my heart every time! :-)


Stacy Dawn said...

Niiiiiiice picture.

Oh yeah, have dealt with them and been irked to no end. My father has always been in sales and I was taught from a very early age about politeness, handshaking, attentiveness, and full responsibility. All in a good subtle way but it is still unbelievable to me how proffesionals can act so aloof when they NEED your business.

Yay on the writing.

Michelle said...

There are definitely some unresponsive slackers out there! Good for you on nailing him down. Definitely contact his bosses.