Sunday, April 23, 2006


The computer is fixed, the printer is miraculously fixed, I'm fixed... wait, I wasn't broken, was I. Well, you get the gist. All is well in my computer world right now. Hmmm... I hope my saying it doesn't cause all hell to break loose. Maybe the printer will start spouting out pages like a vampid demon. But I hope not. I really hope not.

My computer guy told me what he did to fix it. It had to do with uninstalling the spooler and reinstalling it and then doing stuff with my registry. I can't remember what he did or what a registry is or why it fixed it, but it did and that's what's important.

So now I can print out my own hard copies of all those yummy pictures I post. See, the word yummy works well there.

Now that one technical problem is fixed, I think I shall tackle another. A website redo. I'm not so happy with it anymore. So, I think I'll take a look at fixing it. But it may be a while before any results are available for viewing!

Did you miss me? How did your weekend go?



Stacy Dawn said...

Of course we missed you. So glad everything is fixed and working!

Emma Sinclair said...

Glad you got all of your computer issues worked out!

Nicole Reising said...

*grin* Ya know I missed ya!!!! *grin*

I'm so glad to hear your back and everything is working. Boy do I 'get' the idea of they told you what they did but they might as well have been speaking chinese - well for me at least since I don't speak chinese. :-)

A new website!!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait. Which reminds me... isn't there suppose to be a book in the mail...???? Someone isn't procrastinating are they? *grin* I just can't wait to read what you have girl and then it also gives me a perfect excuse to procrastinate myself! *grin*


April said...

Awww... You all make me feel so loved!

Me procrastinate, Cole? What are you talking about? I have no idea what you're referring to. That word is completely foreign to me... Ok, fun is over. It'll be to you before today is up, I PROMISE!