Friday, April 21, 2006

Out of Touch...

I guess it's my turn to have technical difficulties. When I leave work today, I will be out of touch of a computer for the WHOLE weekend!

You see, that printer problem I talked about a few weeks ago... It never got resolved. So, yesterday, my handy dandy computer tech came to my house and tried to install the printer correctly. Because apparently installing a simple printer driver is too hard for this goof ball. After spending nearly 4 hours trying to get it installed, he finally decided to take my laptop and printer home with him to work on it.

He called today... After spending several more hours trying to fix it, he had called Epson, the manufacturer of the printer. And then he spent several hours on the phone with them, trying to fix it. In the end, Epson decided I needed to uninstall and reinstall windows. Not gonna happen.

I mean, I've used the computer with 4 seperate printers none of which have I had a problem with. Whey should I do something so drastic for this stupid printer?

The computer tech agreed with me. He asked if he could still hold it over the weekend and try unistalling and reinstalling just the spooler portion of windows. I said, sure. Because I'm willing to put off the fight I'm going to have with the store over taking the printer back. But if it doesn't work, that baby is going BACK!

You know what's sweeter? The computer tech is only charging me for an hour of labor. And he's spent countless hours on it already. Isn't he sweet? I send him a lot of business, cause I know a lot techno-num-nuts. I like him because he never treats me like I'm stupid. Even if I've done something really stupid. Like not ever made a backup of my system... :-). So, he's making me a backup before he does any work :-). See, isn't he a peach.

Am I the only one with technical problems? Boy... I'm sure going to go through internet withdrawl! Not to mention writing withdrawl. I guess this is a good time to read Ms. Crusie's new book!


Post edited to add:
PS Did anyone else get that 80's song "I'm Outta Touch..." in their head when they read that title? I can't get rid of it!!


Nicole Reising said...

Ok Sweety! Two things - no make that three:

First - your suppose to be sending me a book today????

Second - Ask him how DO you make a back up of everything - I just make individual ones of the things most important and hold my breath. *grin*

Thirdly - I'm sorry to hear about your problems! Maybe that one should have been first... oh well, sorry - *cheeky grin this time*

Have fun reading!

Stacy Dawn said...

Ouch! Take the time off then and relax...that book is suppose to be good.

Michelle said...

I would definitely take the printer back! Not worth it!