Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mud Slinging...

No, not that type of mud slinging. The literal kind.

I'm finally getting some writing done. And it feels great. I had left off in the middle of something, so I would be able to start back easy without having to come up with a fresh idea. I had even made notes about what would happen next.

Then, as I'm writing along, minding my own business, my heroine starts mud slinging. Literally. Apparently she needed to blow off a little steam and since she was ankle deep in the stuff already, she figured she'd toss a little in the hero's direction. And I thought... What in the world are you doing? You're gonna have to ride all the way back to town smelling like bog and now so is he. And then I thought, Hmm... this could be good.

So I let her sling all the mud she wanted. And it felt great. At least I'm getting some writing done. Right?

Of course I don't recall ever being in a mud fight as a kid. I remember one failed attempt at a food fight in the second grade (not my doing). But other than that, the only thing I did with mud was make mud pies. But I didn't eat them. A kid in my class had two doctors as parents. I learned about tape worms really early. Yuck!

What about you? Ever sling some mud? Literally or figuratively?


Stacy Dawn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun if you ask me!

Ya, we did the mud slinging as kids every once in a while down at grandpa's cottage...good thing I didn't know about tape-worms back then, would of put a bit of a damper on things LOL

Emma Sinclair said...

Can 2 adults sling mud and have it NOT lead to something more?

In my mind, no, which I suppose is why I write what I do.

I was a girly-girl. I didn't do so much mud. The occasional mud pie (making, certainly not eating) but then I'd have to run and was my hands.

Nicole Reising said...

:-) I love mud fights!!!! What do you guys mean you've never been in a mud fight!! Their the best!!!!! I'm putting you on notice - when we meet - we're having a mud fight!!! :-)

Can't you just wait until we go to FL next year April? I bet your regretting having me as a cp now! :-) heehehehe

And as for a story - ummm I realy love mud fights. Like Emma I think - can 2 adults sling mud and have it NOT lead to something more?

Hmmm, I should be careful how I say that -- your probably really gonna worry about my visit now! :-) I was just to reassure you - thinking like Emma in the sense of a man and woman. :-)


April said...

LOL! I think mud fights sound fun too. They may even make two people forget their surrounded by a group of other people. You know, bring out the baser instincts ;-).

And I can't wait to meet you Cole! I doubt there'll be too much mud around here anyway :-).

Mirtika said...

Nope, never did sling mud.

My heroine wakes up in a puddle of mud, though.