Wednesday, May 24, 2006


That's the file name of my wip. I took special notice of it today as I opened it. It says a lot. It says I started off thinking it would be a temporary file because I named it Chapter1. And it says that I had to start it off a couple of times. Now there are two other Chapter1 drafts floating around on my hard drive.

And I thought, why haven't I renamed it? Easy, because then I would never find it, cause I would forget what I named it. Even though the wip does have a working title. But then I decided I like this name. It says... This is a Work In Progress. It is not done, it is not refined, it's a draft and it's the third after two failed attempts, so I'm not perfect and that's okay.

In other news: I'm having intrusion problems. Read: I have another story idea that is flicking me in the head. And the hero is already here and ready. Gosh, I still have to finish my Chapter1Thirddraft. So, I thought I'd introduce everyone to him while he waits. Oh yeah, he hasn't shared his name yet...

Doesn't he look woebegone? Can anyone keep him busy and out of my hair until I get to him? :-)


PS He's also the guy in the pic two posts ago! :-)


Nicole Reising said...

How do you do it April - get all these gorgeous guys!!?? Funny how names or ideas or events/scenes can imprint themselves on you in a flash - you said you didn't have a name ect... and wham - I thought several things all in a flash - *grin* If it were me it'd be Antonio - South of the border - made me think of Zoro(I am a huge fan on Zoro) and lastly - Anticipation. Meaning? who knows but man did that word strike a loud note in my head! :-)

Thanks for the day dream!

Stacy Dawn said...

Ah yes, those intrusions. They give you the giddies but they are so distracting, kinda like your hunk there LOL.

Karen Erickson said...

Gosh dang it, April! Where do you find these pictures? If I go and try to find them, I find nothing but porn! LOL

Thanks for sharing - he even has sexy feet! I'll help distract as much as I can, but my own hero is still giving me fits and driving me crazy.


Sarah L. Castleberry said...

I noticed his bare feet, too. Yum!

I had to laugh about your file name observations. My current file for my wip is "Nobackstory5-24-06". I tend to get used to a filename, too, and hate to change. Usually, I just call it the date, re-saving it under a new date every few days.

That way, I keep all the older dated files in a folder called "previous", in case I screw up and delete something.

Do you store your ms by chapter, then?

Sarah L. Castleberry said...

Oh, and make sure to write down all your snippets from the distracting idea!

Fresh new ideas are what I love best about writing - if an idea hits, I'll go ahead and write the scene or chapter and save it for later!

Emma Sinclair said...

That's odd. I have a hero with a name flicking me in the head, but nothing else. All I've got is a name.

I always save my files as the hero & heroine's name. It's usually the only thing I know when i start writing so it works for me.

April said...

LOL, Cole... It's called intensive research :-). And I've come across my fair share of porn sites too, Karen! But I stick it through... Somehow ;-)

Sarah, that's the funny thing, I don't store them by chapter. That file has all of my completed chapters. Then I open a new doc and cut and paste chapters to send to my cp. Glad I'm not the only wierd file name person! And I'm definately taking notes, thanks!

Maybe my hero should meet your hero, Emma. They can get each other to open up about different things! :-)