Friday, May 19, 2006

Going to Class...

Some of you may recall my mentioning a whiole back that I would be teaming up with another member of my RWA chapter to oversee the online classes our chapter puts on. Well, June is the first official month of our endeavor together. And LOOK at what class we have. Was this kismet or what?

Instructor: Su Wright
Registration Deadline: May 25, 2005
Course description: 4 Week Workshop -- Tues - Thurs, June 7 - 30.
Instructor bio: Su Wright remembers when she first began "pitching" her novels and knows the face of rejection. From those early pitches, she's learned how to do it right - in the past year she's pitched to agents and editors - and all have asked to see either a partial or complete manuscript. She is in the process of sending partials to agents. Su is a freelance travel writer. She's been a newspaper reporter/photographer/editor, has researched numerous Fodor travel guidebooks, and written book reviews. She teaches writing classes through the University of Colorado-Boulder's continuing education department. She writes mysteries and romantic suspense novels as well as screenplays.

Now that you've finished your manuscript, this course will teach you how to pitch your novel to editors and/or agents at writer's conferences. We'll cover how to write a pitch and tips for the face-to-face meeting. You will have a chance to try your hand at writing your pitch and get instructor feedback to polish it.

The course includes "lectures" with corresponding homework to help you develop your pitch material:
Lesson 1 Purpose of pitch
Lesson 2 What’s your book about
Lesson 3 Characters
Lesson 4 Goal-Motivation-Conflict
Lesson 5 Logline
Lesson 6 Paragraph
Lesson 7 About You (the author); Appointment Etiquette
Lesson 8 Wrap Up

If any of you want more info, you can visit our website at Or email us at LRWAonline at yahoo dot com. Or you can email me via this blog.

I have been so busy I hadn't really looked at what was going on for June. When I saw what the class was, I thought... Wow, I really need that right now. Obviously :-). I hope everyone else is getting loads of writing done. I'm headed to do that now. I've got to put my hero out of his misery!



Shelli Stevens said...

Okay I scanned your past few posts so I have a lot to say. You were a beautiful bride! Wow!

And you're going to Nationals? Me too! My first time :) I see you on Karen's blog sometimes, are all you guys going? I'm pro too (i've sold a couple of books, but not to RWA recognized publisher *sigh*)

Wow, I could ramble all day. Because I'm so excited to find more people going to Nationals!

Good call on an online class, those can be really helpful! Have fun in it.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Stacy Dawn said...

Now, how perfect is that!

Michelle said...

Good luck with the pitching! :) You'll do great.

Karen Erickson said...

This workshop couldn't have come at a better time for you. Yay! Hope it helps.

I wish I was going to Nationals this year...(this is in response to Shelli's question)


April said...

Thanks, Shelli! And thanks for visiting!

Isn't the timing of this class just devine intervention at its best?

So you're not going to nationals, Karen :(? At least there's always next year with them. I figure since I'm only 3 hours away that if I don't go this year, I might not get another chance for a few years :-)

Stacy Dawn said...

Oh, lucky you April! I hear they were in Buffalo a number of years ago (before I knew about it of course) but that's as close to Canada as they've ever gotten I think.