Monday, May 08, 2006

Why I Write...

I recently read a post by Agent 007 which brought to mind why I write.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had an overactive imagination. In my imagination, I've done some rather amazing things. I've traveled the globe, been a spy, even done a strip tease or two. But it's unlikely I will ever be a spy. And it's even less likely that I would really want to be one. No comment on the other. Although I like my privacy. But just the same, it's so fun to pretend.

A few years ago, I had a long list of hobbies I wanted to take up. I had an actual list and I meant to do them. Here's a sample of the list:
-I wanted to start taking flight lessons and get my pilot's license
-I wanted to do the formula car experience in Britain (obviously there was a need for speed in there)
-I wanted to go back to school and study criminal profiling
-I wanted to study medicine
-I wanted to participate in police ride alongs (the show cops is a guilty pleasure)
The list went on and on....

My dear hubby, who was then, my dear boyfriend, thought I was loosing my mind. And I did too. Ever the voice of sanity, he suggested I look into doing one or two first instead of tackling them all at the same time. Of course, I was raring to go. Other than for the finances, I had it all worked out.

Then I realized, I didn't want to really DO all of those things. I mean, I'd love to dip my toes in them. But I don't want to be a doctor. I don't want to fly a plane. Shoot, I'm terrified of heights. I had a hard time looking down from the balcony of our tenth floor hotel room.

What I realized is that I loved the adventure I experienced in reading and I wanted to immerse myself in that adventure. And I could. I could write it. I could create people and places and events. I could write about a surgeon and purge the need to study medicine. I could write about a sexy formula car driver and the race circuit all across Europe and travel and experience speed without ever leaving home.

It's one of the best benefits of being a writer. My imagination runs away with me. My goal is to relate that through the words I put to paper (or screen) in such a way that my imagination runs away with the reader too. That's my hope.

What about you? Why did you start writing?



giggles said...

Your list of things you wanted to do cracked me up. I have a list similar to that from junior high, though I never, ever, would have pegged writing as a career for me.

I write now because I can't imagine doing anything else. I literally am swept up all day and night into my own stories and ideas. Not all ideas are great, some will never see the light of day, but I love them all. Right now, I write only to please myself, but someday that will change, or at least I hope.

Good luck with your writing career. I'll stop in again to see what is new.

Take care,

Stacy Dawn said...

Yes, yes, yes, that is exactly why I like to write. Each story lets me do something I would never be able to do, most likely would never want to do, but secretly thinks it would be kinda cool. This way I get to do it with no danger to myself or others LOL.

Emma Sinclair said...

I don't know if that's WHY I started writing, but you totally pegged one of the greatest things about it!

My newest fascination is sailing (you know, in my mind at least).

Karen Erickson said...

I've always had an overactive imagination, and I always liked making up stories. So I guess it was a natural thing...

And writing is a wonderful way to experience things you'd never actually do. That's why I love it!

Jenne said...

How lovely! A great description of what writing allows you to do, what desires it fulfills.

I followed your link from Cole's blog, so, hi! Nice to "meet" you.

I think I love the thrill of being newly in love. That's why I write, because I can re-live that tingly, suspenseful, drunk feeling of falling in love.

I'm envious of your list. Mine is so domestic "sew, embroider, cook." ;)