Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Debacle...

My family is in real estate. And real estate can be a very dangerous job. For one, people have a false notion that realtors are wealthy. And second, we go to vacant homes with strangers. So, we are a safety conscious bunch. Lots of safety protocols in the real estate industry. One of those is telling someone when you expect to be back from an appointment. Then if you're not, that person tracks you down or calls out the National Guard to find you.

So, a family member of mine went to a listing appointment tonight at 6:30PM and told her hubby she'd be home by 8:30 for dinner. So, when she didn't show or call and didn't answer his calls by 9:30, he called me.

I did what any loved one would do... Broke into her email, found the address of the listing appointment, grabbed hubby and jumped in the car.

On the way, hubby asks, "What are we going to do when we get there?"

And I reply, "Sneak around. If the windows are open maybe we can see that everything is fine. If not, I'll go up to the door and tell them I'm lost." (the home was out a ways from town)

And he said, "No you won't!"

And I said, "Ok, you can go up to the door and tell them you're lost."

And he said, "No I won't! We're going to call the police!"

To which I replied, "yeah, she would love that! 'Uh, Mr. Seller, please forgive my family for calling the cops on you because I was late for dinner. Really, we're not nuts. Would you like to list your home with me?' "

Then, my husband who has NEVER picked up a gun said, "We should have brought a gun."

Shaking my head, I replied, "And gotten arrested when we get pulled over for speeding because my dash doesn't lock." (gotta have a license to carry it concealed if it's not locked away in the car.)

I could practically see the light bulb go off over his head. "We could have put it in the fire box we have for our documents and brought the fire box."

Ignoring that said firebox is really heavy, I focused on the important issue and with a shocked expression, said, "And who is going to do the shooting?"

"You!" he responded. "I don't know how to use those things."

"Great, so carrying a concealed weapon isn't enough. Now you want me up on murder charges?"

He reasoned, "Hey you're the one running around at 9:30 at night sneaking around people's houses to see if your sister's listing is going ok." And why that sounded like perfect reasoning to me, I'll never know.

A few minutes later, we got the call that she was fine, just didn't hear her phone ringing and had gotten so caught up in conversation she hadn't realized how late it was.

Remind you of a bad Cagney and Lacy episode or what?



Karen Erickson said...

So which one of you is Cagney and which one is Lacy? LOLOLOL!

Thanks for sharing that conversation. Sometimes we don't realize how ridiculous we're being in the midst of the convo, but we certainly recognize it after! At least you were doing the right thing and trying to take care of your missing loved one...

Nicole Reising said...

April I loved it the first time I read it yesterday and then the second time and now for a third! *grin*


Stacy Dawn said...

LOL that's hilarious. What an episode!

Stephanie Bose said...

Thanks for making me giggle!

You should really write a thriller!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

LOL! Isn't it weird how the technology of mobile phones sometimes causes more worry and stress for us than the days when we never had them?

I've lost count of how many times I've imagined the worse when a phone remains unanswered or switched off!

Glad this was a false alarm. :-)

April said...

LOL, Karen... I don't think hubby would be happy with either answer :-)

Glad I could make you laugh, Cole & Stacy!

There's all sorts of stories traped in my mind, Stephanie! Maybe a thriller isn't a bad idea!

Great point, Ms Creativity. Glad to see you're back and feeling better!

Michelle said...

Oh, that is TOO FUNNY! LOL!! Your hubby is a scream.