Sunday, May 21, 2006


Progress is a relative term. For some it means their word count goes down, because they have edited out "not so good" stuff. For some, it is being able to write "The End". Congratulations, Cole!

For me, it meant finally getting my heroes pants off. Finally! Well, and adding to my word count. Of course later "progress" might reduce that word count. But for now, my progress includes it going up.

And since I've made progress, I'm giving a reward. Here it is:

(sorry for the black line. It's meant to be a center spread in a magazine)

So, what has "progress" been for you lately?



Stacy Dawn said...

Piddly, the ear infection won't go away and it's hard to concentrate on serious stuff.

Glad yours is going up!

Karen Erickson said...

Stacy sorry about the ear infection! Yuck!

April, I just wrote in my blog that yes, I'm making progress, but the only progress is my h & H wanting to do it ALL OF THE TIME. It's like I have no control over them. I need more to my book than just sex, sex, sex!

And I'm almost finished with it too...yipee!

Love the pic!

April said...

Hugs on the ear, Stacy!

LOL, Karen. That can be a problem!;-)

Michelle said...

Umm...watching season finales? :) I need to discipline myself!